About Smart Scratchcard

Welcome to Smart Scratchcard, the best website for information on UK National Lottery Scratchcards. We aim to help you find the best scratchcard at any given moment using live data on the remaining top prizes, public information on scratchcard odds and other data published by Camelot to the Gambling Commission.

Over the last few years, there have been many reports of people buying Scratchcards after the jackpot has been won. The Sun recently reported that up to 1/3 of Scratchcard games in shops may no longer have jackpots to win.


In 2021, The Mirror reported that Scratchcards with a jackpot of less than £121,000 can still be sold in a shop when all the top prizes have been claimed…


So we wanted to bring the power back to the people! This website will show you:

  • The true odds of winning any of the top prizes across the National Lottery’s UK Scratchcards
  • How many of the top prizes have been claimed and to identify which prizes are left to be won
  • The calculated RTP (%) or Return To Player for each National Lottery Scratchcard
  • Clearly illustrate what the odds are of winning a given prize for each Scratchcard as well as other hidden information like the total number of Scratchcards printed
  • An algorithmically generated score which recommends which Scratchcard to buy based on RTP, jackpot odds and the number of top prizes remaining

This data will update in real time as and when new datasets are released. This website took a long time to make and is being run each day for free so any donations to help with running costs would be hugely appreciated.

Thank you

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